Srdjan Tanasković
Restaurant Chef

Srdjan Tanaskovic_minSrdjan Tanasković Restaurant Chef

Zoran Knežević
Restaurant Manager

s_MG_8085There is a young man in charge of making everything function impeccably, harmonizing ideas and their realization and taking all proper and reasonable steps leading to the guest. Zoran gives his unlimited enthusiasm and energy without any reserve. He realizes everything extraordinary that can be imagined inside this restaurant. He is that fine link which is unseen sometimes but is absolutely essential. He expects his staff to meet all requirements of the guest with perfect service, useful advice and details about our menu or wine list.


Srđan Tanasković – Sous Chef
Jelena Prica – Chef de Partie
Miloš Milkić – Cook
Marko Blagojević – Cook
Dragan Đuragić – Cook
Jovan Đorđević – Kitchen attendant