_MG_7431On our first gastronomic journey through Serbia, our guest guide will be Cilić Estate from Jagodina, the family with eighth generation in an unbroken sequence to deal with wine, which is around 200 years of experience in wine production accumulated. Such a family tradition is rarely achieved even in the most developed societies. Today, family tradition is represented by Zoran, the father, one of the most respected oenologists in Serbia, a member of the State Commission for evaluating wine for the last forty years, again in an unbroken sequence, and his son Milorad who is “the only Serb in the last hundred years” to have been invited to Bordeaux, the capital of French wine, to be president of the jury for evaluating wine at the prestigious Les Citadelles du Vin world competition.

Even during the time of his studies on Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, Milorad went on work placements in France, Chile, Argentina, the U.S. where he discovered that there was great demand for the technological design of new wineries. After ten years of such work, he has amassed an impressive portfolio of 89 projected wineries. Wineries that he technologically designed are located in the U.S., Argentina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and elsewhere. The biggest is the one in Kazakhstan, which can produce five million liters of wine annually. His own winery, in small town in Central Serbia, he built according to the highest standards in the business. This winery is one from only five wineries in Serbia are built inside vineyards. This position ensures that no longer than 30 minutes passes between the moment of picking grapes and the start of processing.

He creates his own wines in collaboration with his father. When they planted vines they opted for the Bordeaux varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Pinot Noir, with Sauvignon as the white variety. Milorad wanted to show that high quality wines could be produced from these varieties as well in Serbia as elsewhere in the world.

“We create wine according to our own taste. The good side of this approach: if we cannot sell them,
we’ll drink them”, joke the Cilić’s.

Their wines will never receive any medal. As they both deal with appraisement, they decided never to send any of their wines for appraisal. But you can praise them in our restaurant on Tuesday, 5th April, along with the dishes from our menu:

  • Xomo Zero 2015, welcome drink
  • Wild mushroom ragout in a crispy dough and sesame crust, with radishes salad, peppers and  spring onion, Fumé Blanc 2015
  • Veal cutlet in Pirot kačkavalj cheese foam, with brussels sprouts, carrot puree and breaded semolina dumplings, Onyx white 2013
  • Lamb from Stara planina mountain with spring potatoes, sautéed broccoli and garlic puree, Cabernet&Merlot 2014
  • Dark chocolate fondant, Onyx red 2013

Price per person 5,000RSD (water and coffee included)
Information and reservation: +381 65 2165 020, +381 11 2204 129, 2204 030
Limited number of seats