3515507_1763_previewFew people succeed in “changing the rules of the game” in business. When Alexander Walker created the first commercial blend “Old Highland Whisky” in 1867, he set new standards and initiated a revolution in the industry of spirits. Johnnie Walker Blue Label was created in 1992 as a tribute to visionaries Alexander and his father John Walker, who brought a new dimension of enjoying whisky to the world.

BLEND – Johnnie Walker Blue Label blend represents a combination of rare single malt and grain whiskies. The refined flavour of Johnnie Walker Blue blend was achieved by careful mixing of whiskies which obtained their character and complexity thanks to many decades in oak barrels throughout Scotland. The contents of only one in every 10.000 barrels in entire Scotland has the necessary characteristics for becoming the ingredient of Johnnie Walker Blue blend while some of them were bought from distilleries which belong to the past times.

CHARACTERISTICS – Recognizable by its perfect balance, the flavour of Johnnie Walker Blue Label flirts between freshness and maturity. Its scent is characterized by a well-rounded and rich aromatic complex. The very first sip reveals an explosion of flavours evoking aromas of hazelnuts, roses, honey and oranges. The more experienced ones will also notice a hint of smoke, chocolate, Cuban cigars and apple compote. The subsequent flavour is exceptionally long and evokes the aroma of beeswax.

COLOUR – Golden yellow with amber hues.

PERFECT SERVING – For exquisite pleasure Johnnie Walker Blue Label is served without ice in a brandy snifter or a round whisky glass.